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May 30, 2007

Are you Happy with yourself?

I ask my self many times everyday,when i get home, when i am alone or before i sleep and after i talk to anyone about anything, AM I HAPPY WITH MYSELF? am i happy with what i do or say or react.

And to be honest most of the times iam not happy with my reactions or attitudes its not because iam wrong or bad , it is because im always letting my mood control me , so i remind (me) to improve my daily habbits with people around and the way i talk and reply to them and not to act under any stress or pressure i have to think well before talking.

i know thats happening with many people but from my side i consider it a good question to be asked everyday as i have to be honest with myself when i answer, for me seeking for happy days in future i have to review my deeds to see what conclusions i got after what i did or to be more precisely the reactions from others i receive after my actions.

i know we face sometimes that would be kind of hard to control our attitudes towards others (at home, work, when shopping....etc.)

the smartest and wise people and the ones looking for self improvement must really do one thing THINK BEFORE YOU TALK OR ACT about anything or with anyone dont let ur mood control ur situations or your rage hurt someone's feelings because its just simple you dont want to be hurt by somebody so dont hurt anybody.

i m trying all the time to learn from my mistakes and not to repeat them and try to advice others also not to go through similar mistakes .

In order to be happy with your self dont repeat your mistakes and ask yourself everyday AM I HAPPY WITH MYSELF? its not like judging youself , its about you making( you) a better person and happy person and remember decide whats wrong and help yourself with improving your daily attitudes to the best u can do .

THINK BEFORE YOU ACT OR TALK under any circumstances, what u think would that make you more happy with you self?

i beleive we are our own helpers and with will power , self improvement and positive thinking we shall be enjoying everyday of our lives


Jonofattraction said...

I would take it another step and only speak and take action from an inspired goof feeling place, then I won’t have to worry about the words to say. I find that when I make my work to get into an inspired place my words come out naturally. I believe it is natural because it is my authentic self or soul speaking through me. The part of me that is always happy and wise enough to always know just what to say. I am not religious but I think this is what the bible means in the quite "do not worry about what to say or how to say it, at that time it will not be you speaking, but the spirit speaking through you" Nice chatting over blog coffee with ya have a happy day :-)

-Jonathan Bankert

Angela said...

Simply allow yourself to be transformed from within...all good will then flow straight from your heart. :-) Best wishes!

One Wacky Mom said...

Brilliant...absolutely brilliant post. I am impressed.

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