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May 3, 2007


Everyday is the same routine almost to everyone....thats boring ,but still we live everyday....life never stops and routine is the same ....my today's thoughts were about boring routof everyday how i think to overcome this boring feelings im in ....ofcourse everyone's routine is different ...but back to my point i was thinking i need to do something new to break down that routine do anything makes me happy or having fun many ideas came into my head like

  • cooking new dish or dessert ive never tried b4
  • contacting old friends im not talking to them or seeing them regualrly
  • writing a poem
  • dancing
  • workingout
  • reading new book of new topics ive never read about
  • watching new movie or TV show
  • go for a walk
  • doing my prayers or reading about religion
  • shopping
  • listen to new music
  • singing (hearing my self)

i finally decided to workout for a while at home with some music on trying to say to my self while im exercising im not doing routine stuff im living my life in ahealthy and nice way i shouldnt be feeling bored coz im achieving everyday my own success i should be happy coz im living for doing work and have my family and friends i keep telling myself to be successful u have to achieve everyday

so i try with my self to turn that boring routine into a tool of success by mind speaking

i talk to myself a lot to keep thinking more right

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