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Jun 12, 2007

LOVE yourself

i have been thinking that sometimes most of us think we want to be perfect to impress people, friends, our beloved ones and even people we dont know very well.

but i should not try to change myself to impress the others its like i am pretending to be someone else and if i am not honest with myself i will not be honest with anyone.

so i started to think of few things that really can tell people who are passing through this phase

1. Accept yourself and love who you really are.

2.if u seek for self improvement its because you want that, not people say u need that.

3.If someone really loves you he or she will love all of you including your defects too.

4.Dont seek for perfection nobody in this whole world is perfect and dont ask people if they think you are perfect or not.

5.If someone criticize your behavior , accept that criticizm with open mind , but dont turn it to be disliking yourself otherwise you will face unhappy times with yourself and feel lost.

6.Love your self more, so people will love u more too, by improving and accepting you by you.

7.Dont try to be someone else u admire or like by copying him , but you can follow his steps of how to improve your self and learn good things from him but dont copy.

8.Dont try to impress people by being someone you dont even know, impress them by your natural personality , for sure you will be more happy because that will increase your self confidence and love urself more.

9. Remeber that your close friends and people who really know you will find out if you act to be not yourself.

10.Always think you are a nice loving person who loves people around you and they are not complete or perfect so they also should love you back knowing that you are not perfect (nobody is perfect).
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