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Aug 21, 2007


whenever i see babies or little kids and see a smile on their face i smile too and feel really happy seeing them so i added those pictures hoping to give u a smile back.

i smile coz they look so innocent and they are angels that i cannot resist my self holding them i remeber when i was younger and when some families have babies ,when they cry i always embrace them and pamper them they fall asleep or stop crying.

i remeber this incident it was so nice and weird too, i saw a little boy he was about 18 months in the street with his parents he was so cute, he was crying alot so hard that i saw his parents are so much concerned, they didnt know how to calm him down.

i stopped next to them and offered my help to carry the baby im a stranger to him he should have gone more mad but he saw me opening my arms to hold him he stopped crying and opened his arms towards me in order to carry him.

i held him i felt a connection that was so weird to me i embraced him and started to play and tickle, i saw him smiling and laughing to the funny words i was pampering him with , his parents were astonished alot but they were very happy to see him smiling ....my mom was so impressed she told me maybe the little boy he felt that deep in my heart true love to children ...that could be the connection!!!!!!

i dunno i still wonder why inspite i was a stranger he felt peace and calm with me is there possible any connections with people or kids we dont know and when we meet them we feel like we know them very well......

can u tell me what u think?


J@n!ce said...

Lili, it must be the motherly warm embrace that the child is receiving from you. A kind of motherly-child bonding. The child felt secured in your arms. You are such a kind person to offer help to a stranger & calm down the kid :)

Cheers to you ...:D

lilifxt said...

hi janice the child felt secured in my arms that made me happy for a moment and u r right it could be the mother-child bonding....:)

haze said...

Oh yes absolutely...kids smile are just too beautiful and sure make everyone's day happy.

Those kids have the the greatest smile....

Yes that is definitely mother-child bonding

lilifxt said...

hi haze thx for sharing babies smile really makes us happy

WaterLearner said...

Hi Lili!

I really really love babies! I like the innocence in their eyes and actions. And they really smell good!

surjit said...

Hello Lili,
A good post.I wish to add further:
"Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day"
" The child makes no distinction between what he has and what is his."
Good luck.

Sam Chan said...

I tend to believe baby have an instinct of knowing the good and the bad by looking at one facial appearance. So possibly your look gives babies a calm and soothing feeling.

My Best Wishes
Sam Chan

lilifxt said...

hi karen yes their smell is knon as baby smell very nice but they loose it whe they start eating the normal food....:)

lilifxt said...

hi sam i think too babies feel the people who really loves him or children in general and he feels also the persons who are not intersted in loving kids
thx for your sharing and maybe also the look makes them feel better ....:)

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