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Aug 30, 2007

Puppets Hand Show

My friend sent me that video i liked it alot its so nice it made smile i hope u all like it

P.S to stop the music on th blog in order to listen well to the music on video click "stop" icon on top of your browser beside "refresh" icon


Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,
Me and my children enjoyed it!
This is indeed a very nice show. Imagine how wonderful with just a pair of hand and light can do!

Let's Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion

lilifxt said...

hi sam im glad u and your children enjoyed it yes its wonderful and very impressive

best wishes

Monday Morning Power said...

A big, BIG smile. Thank you for sharing this wonderful clip.

Monday Morning Power said...

Hi again,
I have a section on my blog called "Music Videos / Positive Attitude / Feel Good." This song was missing until now. Thanks for reminding of the wonderful song.

lilifxt said...

monaday morning power im glad u enjoyed the video u are welcome

WaterLearner said...

Hi Lili!

Such Creativity!
Thanks for sharing this clip! I have enjoyed it!

Blessing Lili!

J@n!ce said...

Lili, interesting !!
Thanks for sharing this, I really need something to cheer me up a little. Things are not going too well over at my end.

Hope you are well & have a good weekend? :)

Janice Ng

surjit said...

Really enjoyable.Thanks for sharing this wonderful clip.
Good luck.

lilifxt said...

hi karen i want to give u smile....:)

lilifxt said...

janice im glad i can chher u up with this video

i hope everything is going to be alright with u dear

lilifxt said...

hi surjit im glad u enjoyed it

goodluck to u

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