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Sep 20, 2007

Benefits of crying

crying is a bless to me im happy that i can cry whenever i want to, i feel like washing away all my sadness and i feel much better after crying, if i dont cry i feel more terrible and may be depressed.
i dont normally cry infront of strangers but i can cry infront of people that i love, im not weak coz i cry when im sad no....that helps me to calm down and get into better mood after crying coz i just let all those feelings out of me instead of pushing myself hard not to cry and keep it inside of me i beleive tears sometimes are like drugs or its the cure that can heal a wound even if a little bit of the wound.

sometimes i wonder why most men dont cry when they are stresed with some problems or hard times maybe their parents have told them not to cry a man should not cry.
or maybe when they felt crying every one would say they are weak
i dont agree with that i think its just a belief acquired from other people or parents that men should not cry coz i sometimes tell my son dont cry like girls but then i realized how crying relieves and comforts me i dont want my son to cry too much or not to cry at all i just want it to be normal cry if u need to cry to feel better afterwards.

is it just a belief that crying is a shameful action for men or its for weak not strong men or only babies cry... or it is due to less self confidence..... i dont think so i think GOD gave us tears so we can use it when we need to use it.

i read some of the benefits of crying

Benefits of crying

*crying gets rid of toxins in your body: crying is just one of the methods your body uses to get rid of toxins and harmful materials, especially tears that are the direct result of an emotional influence, they release more toxins out of your body.

*preventing emotions from being suppressed: do you know that sometimes people get depressed because of suppressed emotions? Do you know that many of the times we feel bad is just because we have some emotions inside of us that needs to come out, crying is one of the best healthy ways to get out those suppressed emotions.

*crying lifts your mood: crying releases endorphins which are hormones that act as both mood elevators and pain killers. That’s why you feel much better after crying.

Now i did know why i get better after crying and i will never tell my son stop crying like girls or babies but i will teach him to cry if irt worth it


WaterLearner said...

Hi Lili,

I do agree that it is important not to bottle up our emotions, especially the negative ones.
Through crying, we can release the pent-up frustrations and tension deep inside us.

A good one. Keep Blogging Gal!

surjit said...

I agree with your words, Lilifxt,:
'...it is just a belief that crying is a shameful action for men or its for weak not strong men or only babies cry... or it is due to less self confidence...'
And that is why most men hesitate to cry, where as crying is not only natural but beneficial also..It waters your dry eyes besides other benefits you have mentioned in your beautiful post.
Thanks for a great post.
God bless.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

Thanks for this post. It was nice to know the benefits of crying.

Indeed, most of the time, we can get lots of relief after crying out loud when we are sad. Well, tears are words the heart can't express.

Although, we can feel sorrowful at times, but we mustn't sink under its oppression for very long.

Many Blessings
Let's Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Lili.

This is an interesting post. Sometimes I cry when I'm feeling down, upset by something or feeling sentimental about the past. Crying and letting go of some emotions inside of me makes me feel better.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind remarks. Regarding your question, my son is four years old.

J@n!ce said...

Lili, thanks for telling me the benefits of crying. Zac will cry over a simple matter & I always tell him not to behave like a girl. I think we all have a wrong misconception that only gal "can cry" :)

We should just let go of the tears to de-stress ...

Janice Ng

anits said...

hi lili...wow so much benefits of crying..
normally after crying they can release their tension!

best wishes

lilifxt said...

hi karen exactly through cryng we release frustrations thx for sharing your comment

darlene said...

boy is sure did this alot yesterday....i think i am in the menopause state.....yet unsure..since i hate visiting the docs....yikes!!...lol

Yvette Mercado Garcia said...

Nice to read this. Me too, I cry a lot whenever i feel it and i feel better after.

I actually re-post the benefits of crying in my blog too.


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lin said...


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