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Oct 1, 2007


lately i am so much busy to get online and be in the blogging sphere as i used to do really many things just came up made me so busy with kids and house work.

By the way i dont work i never worked after graduating from college i choosed the Love and Marriage career what u think right choice or not....hehehehe (sometimes i doubt it)

but inspite i dont work i m so much busy with my kids , husband and the house , my helper was gone few months ago now there is one woman that comes once a week for cleaning up the house so i still have to run the house the rest of 6 days my hub is happy now no helper is around coz he feels more free and comfy with the new situation but im still looking for one but to find one that she is really satisfying is hard.

And the bright side i lost some KGs coz i work more and became more active and i sleep less (no time to eat as before) i find this like challenging myself im a SUPER WOMAN i keep saying u got some tasks for the day and for sure you are capable of doing all your duties and tasks thats like your job but the bad part is i dont get paid for it...:) but looking in depth of that matter i m getting paid now and will be more paid in future, im getting to see my kids are growing up everyday i help them to build up their personalities and i have fun with them as well.

Keeping the house clean and their clothes clean and cooking the best for them is the job im doing it with love and in order to be successful u have to love what u do.....ok i get bored some times with household chores and all that house work but dont all people get bored,stressesd and face many hectic days in their jobs as well ?

Its almost the same what i hope to be paid for in future is to see my sons are good , mom and dad be proud of them and wish they be grateful as i am to my parents now , i wish they give us back love , care and tenderness.

I like to encourage myself to say im a super woman maybe men wont recognize how much mothers really suffer some times and how is the big loads on her shoulder to take care of everything and most of other moms are also working so they arer really super SUPERWOMEN too

Finally im doing that and im happy, sometimes i feel bored coz same routine but the smile on my sons faces wipes away any negatrive feelings.

I thank u GOD for what i have i pray u give me the strength to be always there for my family taking care of everything around them providing them LOVE and CARE


J@n!ce said...

I love this post & totally relate well. Welcome to the "working at home all day & not paid"...but I think at the end of the day, as mothers, we are statisfied with a good job in keeping the household going & putting the boys to bed. You are a wonderful mother, wife & friend. I heard sometimes back you mentioned you lose a few kgs managing all this. I hope you are still eating well but just getting more lean with more running around over the house. It is a good idea to eat help from someone to clean the house at least a week better than nothing. That is a good idea at the time being while still sourcing for a good one :)

Hugs to a superwoman much better than me now cos you can cook & I see you are doing all so well.

Take Care my friend & kisses to the 2 boys who have a wonderful mummy who sacrifice so much just to look after them & build their personalities. They will grow up to be very wise men from your nuturing :)

Love ya :)

Janice Ng

surjit said...

Oh Lili! you are, of course, a wondeful wife and mother.It is a great boon that you are happy where ever you are and enjoying your life to the fullest.
My best wishes.

Life Reflection said...

Hi Lili,

Stay at home mothers are definitely the superwoman. Not every woman can quit their job and stay at home. You are a good wife and a good mother :)
Best Wishes.

lilifxt said...

janice thx alot you always encourage me on here you are a supermom and superwoman i admire you alot
yoour words are meanigful to me my friend you are good im lucky to have u as afriend GOD bless u and your family

lilifxt said...

thx surjit for the sweet comment i appreciate yor participation on here visiting and commenting makes me always happy

best wishes

lilifxt said...

thank u life reflection thats great comment that i appreciate your comment i agree with u for most women its hard to quit their jobs some of them want to but with life requirements they cant God bless u

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

Being a good mother and housewife is a very honorable job. You are doing great!

“For the hand that rocks the cradle - Is the hand that rules the world” - William Ross Wallace

Blessings to you and yours
Let's Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion

lilifxt said...

sam thx for lovely qoute it is meanigful best wishes

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