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Dec 6, 2007

Prayers to my dear friend

I was so excited this week one of my best friends had a baby boy , my best friends are 5 girls 2 of them since primary school and three since college. they are my sisters i dont have sisters i got only two brothers so i consider them my sisters we have very strong friendship that im so proud to have them in my life they are my childhood memories and my teenage memories we all been through everything together even we all got married in sequence and had kids same ages.
can u imagine how lucky we have eachother.

i went to visit her at hospital an congratulate her she was ok that was her second boy , today my firnd called and said that she is at Intensive Care coz she had Brain Thrombosis i was shocked i felt so much pain in my stomack i cried alot i fear that something could happen to her she is very good girl mom,daughter,wife , sister and friend she is so tender and kind very tender she lost her mom when she was a little girl i remember her once telling me when we were at college that she is going to be a great mother when she have kids and give them the best mother love and care that she was deprived from in her life....i remember when she calls all of our mothers on Motherday and bring them flowers and say they are all like my mother

she told me once im scared that i could die early some day and my son could face what i have faced and live his life with no mom ...OMG i cannot even type but i feel better sharing i want it all out she is in a comma now i pray that she recovers soon and get back to her 2 years old son and her new baby ohhh plz GOD save her and let her be better for her children's sake

me and my friends are in bad time its really hard time for us she is still 28 yrs old i pary GOD that you Bless her and save her plz she loves GOD so much she is a strong believer in GOD she prays knows her Islam and Quaran even when i used not to pray at college time she was the one who is behind me and tell me pary pray be close to GOD so GOD will be always there for u remeber GOD u will be surrounded with his Bless and Protection ....she is so goood

i love you dear so much my heart is with you i know u are strong and u will pass this hard time
my prayers and Doaa is with you


Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

I am so sorry that your friend is inflicted with Brain Thrombosis. May God bless your friend and answer your prayers for your dear friend.

God bless
Sam Chan

lilifxt said...

thank dear sam i hope so coz her condition is not good at all

haze said...

Oh God! Count our prayers....There is nothing impossible when we pray!

I hope and pray that she'll recover.

Teary-eyed here reading your entry.

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