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Feb 29, 2008

The Poison That Kills Your Dream (part 1)

" If someone put poison in your water would you drink it "

The Obvious answer is NO

chemical poison that we can we see, taste, touch and smell can be fatal.

Fortunately we are intelligent enough to know that we dont ingest poisonous substances.

But what about or minds .......Repeatedly, people are poisining their minds

with negativity and though we cannot see this negativity is just the poison that kill dreams

And we need to stop it before it contaminates our lives

Negativity starts with negative thoughts

source: metacafe.com


Bobby said...

Hi Lili! Yes...I agree 100%. Depression almost destroyed my life. I battled it for years and eventually tried anti-depressant drugs; they actually made it worse. I really needed professional help and got into group therapy with a psychiatrist.

In less than six weeks, I have learned how to cope with problems and stop negativity before it even starts. I just didn't know how to do it even though I thought I did.

Now, when I start festering a negative thought...I STOP AND THINK before it starts. It's easier said than done but I have done it hundreds of times in just the past week. I have been able to just let go. I learned that I tend to worry too much little things in dealing with other people instead of making sure I took care of my own thoughts.

Coping with life is not easy but I am so much more positive than ever before in my life and am developing positive habits. Thanks Lili...though your post is short, I understand it and you sum it up very well:)

lilifxt said...

hi bobby im glad to u have u on here it very good that u didnt give up yourself to negativity it seemed like a hard battle but i beleive its all about habbits the more u train your self everyday to be more positive even with little positive actions or thoughts you build a defendig systems that blocks the negative thoughts and fight it away

life is not easy for everyone in the world no matter what they have ...its smart from you to develop positive habbits

i wish u all the happiness forever

GOd Bless

WaterLearner said...

Yups Lili,

I can't agree more. Poisons to our minds can at times be even more deadly then poison to our physical bodies!

Bobby is right, when a negative thought comes a knocking, kill it while it is in its buds. Before it grows so big that overwhelms a person's entire being.

One good post, Lili!!

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