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Mar 12, 2010

4 Ways to Overcome Stress in your Life

How to fight being in stress?Everyone in life faces stress, at home, at work at college, before and after marriage and even becoming a parent.

stress is always there we cant deny this, many things causes stress in life, all kinds of problems leads to stress unexpected losses in life too, we cannot die from stress but we can die from it if we dont fight it back it will affect our mental and physical health also it can leads to depression where we dont want to get into it.

It is not easy to prevent stress but it will be great if you control stress in your life and learn to overcome it even if you can't overcome your difficult problems, the main thing is to mange it and beat it by main four ways :

That is very important not only for looking good in good shape i mean but also FEELING GOOD you can go for jogging,running,playing sports, swimmimg....etc.
Choose the way that is not hard for you and work out, burn your stress not only fats, burn the negative thoughts and fight that stress when you exercise, moove your body moove your mind and thoughts to be more alive tell your self "stress won't take me down" ..."i will take it down".
let it get out of your mind and chest then breathe that you are not weak.

The way you eat affects not only your body but also your mind, follow healthy diet eat well but not too much, dont fill up yor stomach by unhealthy food and eating alot, No, eat little portions 4 or 5 little meals a day , dont blow your self with food because you will feel upset from what you ate and tired as well. (we eat to live not live to eat), dont runaway from your problems to eat anything that will increase your stress but go and fight the stress inside by being a healthy person ,eat less, leave little space in your stomach to be light and comfortable.

If you feel Dieting and exercising not enough go to the doctor he can prescribe medications or vitamins that is useful to support your mental and physical health.

4.Family and Friends:
The best way to control stress is getting support from your friends and family, talk to to them ,let it out of your chest when you speak out it will decrease your stress, ask for their advices. have good time with them have more fun whenever it is possible with them, that will help you to overcome your hard situations and they will make you feel more confident and more stronger to fight back your worries and taking your stress down.


MoreGames,Software and Gadged Review said...

i like tips number 1 and 4

時尚 said...

thanks you share..................................................

婉婷婉婷 said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................

Michelle said...

Good advice! I love to work out however my problem is eating! I always end up eating junk food because its fast and cheap! Any tips on how to eat healthy for less?

黎仁南 said...

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Jonathan said...

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NinaLaZina said...

I think diet and exercise is key, plus eliminate any stressful people from your life. like the blog.

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