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Oct 12, 2010

How to avoid feeling bored when you work

Feeling bored is a common feeling everyone feels it during work or daily routines , especially when you repeat the same tasks every day and your job requiremnts are to do exacltly the same things all he time.

Ofcourse weekends and holidays are the best times you feel happy and not bored because you know that i want to feel happy before start working again, so i remind myself that weekend is coming soon and i will have fun or relax , and also i tell myself i have to finish all my task and duties in the best ways and with good perfromance i want to achieve my goals if leave my thoughts and feelings to the boring thinking or feeling i will be so down and fail in my duties.

So try as much as you can to stop thinking bored and think that every begining has an ending and today was boring day but next day will be coming, and soon weekend will come to rest and enjoy my life, or you can say after work i will meet my family or friends or the ones i love so i will get more excited, never let your self weak infront of silly  times be sure its normal what else can you do except fighting this by doing the boring task and say i will finish all that silly work and go HOME at the end of the day.

You can also think of taking break (if possible) just to think and relax for 10 minutes closing your eyes and lying your back and say Who else will finish the work but ME im in charge of something even it doing it bores me but this my life, job and career no other way to quit. by turning all the boring feelings to exciting or atleast normal feelings during work eventually you are running away from feeling bored and will get focused on your duties and tasks with simple selftalking and selfthinking.

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