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Apr 24, 2007

why im starting that blog?

Hi everyone , im always confused about what life is all about, why r we living?r we happy?what is happiness?am i happy?am i satisfied with my life?..........etc.
many questions like that pops into my head especially if i hve some feelings like sad,mad,lonely,depressed,frustrated.....whatever bad state im in.

so i made some changes in my life and started to think more and read more and try to hve questions like that solved in my head .

also im atype of person love so much express how im feeling wether happy or sad, but i like to share ppl my feelings especially my close friends,

i thought i wanna share my readers on that blog my deeeply thoughts inside my head ....its kind of thgoughts every person on earth must be thinking of it sometime ......about life-living-happy-satisfaction.

my thoughts r from my head my feelings from my heart....ill always talk in general not about myself ill talk about human happiness and human feelings for all the ppl coz we all go through good times and hard times.

if anyone like to share ur own thoughts,experiences in life,ur own problems, ur success in life, giving some tips and ofcourse ur comments ...very much welcomed

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