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May 10, 2007


Humans' main reason of being unhappy is that we always are not satisfied with what blessings we have , in order to be satisfied we have to appreciate more what god gave us , my own point of view for happiness
is that equation


we need to learn more about appreciating what we have, some people get to know the value of what they have after they loose it for example some people dont appreciate their good health so they can keep ruining their health not on purpose but they just forget how to keep them selves in good health or like they dont care coz they think it will last forever , when they get sick or be in bad health situation they would be very sorry and say" ohhh i wish my health is good as before i would never loose it i would have taken more care of my self" , many examples of not appreciating our blesses and what we have in life

another example someone is loved by everyone around him like his parents or friends or soulmate and he starts to not evaluate that love and appreciate it by hurting the people loves him most and not paying back the same care and love to them when anyone of them leaves him then he would regret his mean attitudes towards them , amny exaples in life i know everyone of us have some this issue but not aware of it .....so please everybody evaluate and appreciate and thank god for what u have those blessings are precious very precious .

i think of the blessings that most of people have and i can tell little words about it if you have any of those blessings please try to remind urself with appreciating it and if you dont have any of this ...you will be having one day....

* FAMILY & PARENTS: spend more time with them , forgive and love them, be there for always pray god blesses them , remember how lucky you are to have a family and parents they are the most people who loves you on earth. remeber how your family and parents need you around them that means your important person on earth ...everyday you live is important to them. take good care of your parents they need you more when they are growing old they need your love and support as they gave it to you when you were small....be with them before its too late if you loose them you would regret that you didnt satisfy and make them happy

*GOOD CAREER: maintain ur success, be happy all the time with what u have reached in ur career, remind urself how lucky you are and worked hard to have this position now , dont loose it coz the more you work the more you empower other people to be like you, the more u get respect and admiration of what you do in life for your society. be nice with your co-workers as much as you can....so they will remeber you later by saying you were nice person.

*HEALTH: remember this is the most precious gift from GOD coz u cannot buy good health but u can appreciate it, remind urself if u get sick how much u will suffer, eat healthy food , workout, live healthy life dont overload urself with stresses and problems , smile and laugh to live more healthy and happy.

*LOVE: appreciate the love in your heart to the one you love remind urself the more you care and appreciate and love the more you willl be appreciated and loved , avoid neglection or forgetting,arguments , solve ur problems wisely. what your love is giving you it is also a big gift that many people seek for and wish to have ....dont loose it...appreciate it well in order to keep it.
*MONEY: have money values, u worked hard fo that money so spend it wisely and bless your money by charity work , helping needy or poor people, make others happy by what u give them and help them, dont waste your money in stuff that no good for you or things you dont need or could harm you , think how much you are blessed to make money ....coz its very hard these days to make money ...its like we are fighting everyday to make money for living.

*FRIENDS: listen to their problems ,share them good and bad , give them true and everlasting friendship they will give you back the same, remember if you have true friends ...appreciate them coz its very hard these days to have one good friend.

Many different things we are blessed to have then we should remind our selves of how lucky and happy with those blessings in order to keep,please dont waste what you have. pray everyday that god blesses what you have

"i wish all of you have a happy life,the more you appreciate what you have , the more you will be satisfied and happy"



AlanT said...

Great post!. Appreciating what we have is vital to having a HAPPY life :) . Thank you for sharing ;)

Bobby Revell said...

Beautiful. Don't you wish the whole world used this as a guideline? I do.
Very meaningful. . .

shabby chic said...

lovely post xx

水煎包amber said...


lin said...


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