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May 8, 2007


Yesterday i was watching a movie it is social movie about love relations in life i wont consider it romatic coz romance didnt last in the movie.
i will brief it to get to my point the movie is about a big love story lasted for 4 years but under hard circumstances they broke up so both of them lived very hard time he & she thinks its the end of the world and they will never ever love somebody else again.
they beleived that life wont go on .......(but life always goes on).

After they spent and wasted their time for being sad and heart broken they really moved on ....he got married and had a kid and she went on her career to be a singer.

one day they met in a restaurant they were so much happy and excited coz the whole past years they were thinking of each other still beleive they are in love .......(but life always goes on), they met and kept talking about what happened after they left each other and then they felt heart beats again but what they can do about it he and she have their own lives she had someone who loves her alot that she cares about and have her career which she was progressing well, he also had good career and a beautiful wife who adores him and a nice kid.
so they started feeling it was really right that time heals heart wounds and it was not the end of the world ( LIFE GOES ON)

They are happy with their lives they have success and family good career and love too
and then they said bye to each other realizing that inspite of the feelings still remains in their hearts and that they thought they would never feel love or happiness again withut eachother .
they realized what life can give people or lovers after hard times it gives them new love and new life u will be sure happy with it

To those who are suffering from love failures or heart breaking time:
  1. Feel sad but dont waste ur time for being too much sad....its not the end of the world
  2. Remember life goes on ....u have to move on with ur life...everyday worth living happy
  3. Control ur heart as much as u can ....i know its hard but give it a try
  4. Dont feel u lost happiness in ur life ...feel u gained good and romantic times for memory
  5. Remember u will find someone great in ur life one day ...it always happens ...it may last
  6. Beleive in fate....say thats my fate i will accaept it ....in order to feel satisfied
  7. Stick to hope that u will have great love life.......and u will
  8. Get moore friends around u .....go have fun with them
  9. Time heals our deepest wounds........life goes on...life goes on....life goes on


Bobby Revell: Revellian said...

Very nicely written. You have a big heart and good intention in this post. It's all the things you want to hear when your down.

AlanT said...

Thank you for this wonderful post :) . Life does go on and we can all be happy. Just keep your heart and mind open. Have a great day!

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