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Jun 22, 2007

10 Tips to Keep yourself in Balance

2.Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday.
3.Life is perfect even if u dont think it is.
4.Feel the fear and do it anyway.
5.Be a daily visionary.
6.Feed your body well
7.Live in the present.
8.Live with integrity.
9.Develop high self- esteem.
10.live respectfully.


That was an inspiring article, i think we can develop our own ways to keep our selves in balance according to our habbits and what we like , i suggest that who ever seeks for that balance you can write down as a draft all the points that occurs in your mind on how to maintain balance in your life, i did one list to myself and i do most of the list not all in the list,but anyway i dont expect to do everything at once its step by step procedure

My own tips to myself
2.Eat healthy food and whatever i like but in small quantities. and drink green Tea too.
3.Watch Televesion and listen to music while im cooking that makes me feel in good mood all day.
4.Smile as much as i can.and control my temper also as much as i can.
5.Beauty Care
6.life is perfect if i dont think it is.(be optimistic)
7.Do my prayers
8.learn something new or seek for one new information everyday.
9.Feed my soul and Brain with positive feelings and thoughts
10.live respectfully and with integrity(i respect every one thats how to be respected)

i like to write my thoughts and goals as points its very motivating especially when i put it somewhere that i can read it everyday to remind my self ( on the refrigerator for instance...why not just try it it will remind you everyday)

what you think of that idea to do a list for your daily balance does it work?


Solomon Blue Waters said...

The green tea tip is particularly important. I drink three cups a day, which protect me from cancer, heart problems and all manner of horrible things. I recently found a decaff version too, so it's perfect. Enjoyed my visit to this blog today. All the best, Solomon.

AmyMeacham said...

Amen to the tea and your other suggestions!

lilifxt said...

i drink 3 to 5 cups daily also i read its good for being energetic and active...thx to all comments

Peter Haslam said...

I don't list daily but I do check every friday. Green tea is good

surjit said...

A good informative post.I am fond of green tea..Cheers.

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