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Jun 19, 2007

My Friends

I consider my self so lucky to have good and true friends really its a bless, im with my friends almost 13 years ago since i was 14 years old ( wow very best time of my life i was not busy i hang out with them all the time) we are group of friends have different personalities we ofcourse have some common interests and have this magical bond between us.

in my whole life and different phases i have been through my close friends are always their helpful,loyal and make me happy and overcome hard times and i also did the same with them.
that is the beauty of living give and take and to be more happy give more and you will feel you dont need anything else but to make others happy (nice and innocent feelings)

back to what i was talking about friendship is very rare to find friends that you can love and trust but realy if u have found one dont loose it as you cannot buy true friendship with money do all your best to keep your good friend its important to have friends as eqaul as to have love in your life ( to me its like that maybe for othere love is most important)
Friendship lasts forever

Tips of being a friend
1.Treat your friends the way you want to be treated
2.Keep secrets that are told to you
3.Pay attention when your friend is talking
4.Be there when your friend needs you
5.Give your friend some of your time even if have a very busy life
6.keep your promises
7.Remember their birthdays
8.Be faithful,loyal,caring and honest (be fun too)
9.Love to your friend what you love to your self
10.Building up good and strong friendship is like building your own happiness in life
I am special. You are too. I am valuable as you.

1 comment:

surjit said...

A good friend is like a Computer.He "ENTERS" your life, "SAVES" you in his heart,"FORMATS"your problems," and never "DELETES" you from his life...
Good luck.

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