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Jun 27, 2007

Blogging & BLoggers make me Feel Happy

when i started to think of blogging it was for making money through google ads (stupid me ...no money from google at all ) and to try something new and i felt bored after couple of weeks but when i found that i have readers and they come and revisit that was so much motivating , it gave me a great happiness is to find people read what you post or write, especially on MyBloLog community.

Another thing attracted me alot was the online world as you meet and read about people from all different countries of the world what a great knowledge is that, i started too feel passion for blogging , i found many blogs about various topics are very nice ones, i enjoyed them alot it was really fun to see and read about new blogs everyday and see how great bloggers are there.especially on MyBlogLog community

And i started to feel the beauty of blogging, sharing , writing, reading , comments on my blogs, looyal readers posting and bloggers

I want to talk about all my friends on mybloglog, but later i will be posting about my favorite blogs and bloggers, as to let you know the blogs that i read gives me a lot of happiness and good time reading them. really blogging and bloggers became my first hobby now

I will start with my favorite Blogger he is ahot member at MyBlogLog Zulbizainordin i know most of you know him if you are memebres on myblog log.

what i know and think about him is ...
*He is a so inspiring
*Great and successful blogger
*very helpful to other bloggers
*excellent writing skills
*He has special gift from god which is sweet talk and speech and great expressions
*Seeks for happiness to everyone

Get to know who is Zulbizainordin The Man, His Life, His Expertise, His Ideas, His Views, and His Services

He made me so much happy when he added my blogs on his Book Project unity in diversity at mybloglog,1000 Bloggers at MyBlogLog in Synchronicity Share Blogging Experiences.
where you can find most of nice and good blogs of myblolog members that was so nice of him everyone ther appreciated that we all are very happy when we find our blogs there for sure .
and he also tagged me as a hot member on MyBlogLog that made me happy too. because what he did was like motivating me more for blogging.

A great site he authors i was so much interested of was Your Wisdom Of Total Happiness
is about Zubli Zainordin Sharing Vital and Valuable Information Entirely on Total Happiness
very informative, i like that blog alot because it teaches me many things i need to know about happiness and i will start sharing his total happiness information on my blog as i wrote before what ever i know or read, learn and feel about human feelings, actions, my thoughts and happiness i will be sharing it on here

Thank you Zulbizainordine for those great sites you have, they gave me lot of happiness and i had enjoyed them alot and i will keep enjoying them and learning from you ...goodluck to you and i wish you more happiness and more success


surjit said...

Yes,I agree with your views regarding Zubli Zainordin.
Your blog is wonderful too.
A good informative post.Best wishes.

Zubli Zainordin said...

I am touched, by a touching posting by LFXT, touched deep inside in the center of my being, where the last I feel like this was long ago. I have been educating myself on building an e-community here at MyBlogLog. I have seen an arena of "hey nice site, come visit my site", for example, without adding, joining, visiting, nor reading. Check these blogs by LFXT, have I done all these? More is the educating at the Book Project Blog, I have updated information about me and LFXT, http://synchronity4change.wordpress.com/tag/lfxt/
Please imagine this posting a chapter of a book. The first of its kind in publishing history. We are in Synchronicity, in connection, in an interaction, and more. Let us learn from this posting by LFXT, her transformation into the wisdom of an e-Cummunity building. Please learn from me Tagging, Twitter, and Technorati, which are important, pertinent, and relevant to such an extend, a posting which is truly good, surely we prefer more people to read, and reread at our blog site. The 3-Ts are the current technology. This is blogging my dear, within the bloggosphere. LFXT, thank you from the depth of my mind and heart, because you have reached out and touch someone - me. It is an honor I shall appreciate throughout the remaining of my total life. I am sure, there are more than one favorites of yours, I shall spend precious moments in my life, at your blog sites, reading them next. Together, let us raised the level of blogging that it truly is. This posting is a step to more miles by a superb blogger such as you - LFXT. You are such a darling. Zubli Zainordin, organizer of the Book Project Blog.

lilifxt said...

thank u alot zulbi im so much impressed with those great words as usual my friend you are a great blogger and deserve much more than posting really...im honored to post about you thats the least i can do to such a nice member on mybloglog and i find most members agree with me when i read those messages on your page woww not only me u got many many fans ...god bless u

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