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Jul 2, 2007


This week i have been thinking alot of my dreams that im living for and i wish all of them to come true,the point that got my attention is that i have many dreams and wishes some of them may come true as they are simple ones and most are hard to fulfill.

I have also many wishes i wonder what is the difference between DREAMS and WISHES???
i dunno the answer.....see i mentioned i have many dreams wish them come true...its confusing me.

It is great for a person to feel living for a purpose or many purposes i think this is the aim of living , all that i know i need and have to work hard to achieve my dreams maybe dreams are the ones that we need to accomplish by work and actions in order to make them come true as it could be in our hands to achieve our goals for example one of my many dreams i dream or wish to be rich ( i know most of us have this common dream...RIGHT?) so in order of achieving i need to set my plans, goals and objectives and implementing them correctly its like thats my job, so ultimately i tell my self i recognize the ways of achieving that dream . then go ahead do it girl you can do it start working for your dream.

One of my wishes is the world to be in PEACE (i know that is another common wish to all humans) and i wish long life to my beloved ones(parents,family and friends) i have no clue how can i work for that by myself its like i wish for something to happen but i have no idea how to make it happen and many other wishes is related to destiny or fate i have no role in here and i beleive also its all related to GOD, yes thats what im sure of destiny and fate is in GOD's decision. we have a popular say which is "you want and i want and GOD will do what he wants" and we keep saying work hard and u will get rewarded in life and rewarded by GOD.
so i just wish and say my prayers for the things that not in my hand to make it happen.
I do accept and satisfied with what ever GOD gives me whether its good or bad...i really do coz i beleive in GOD ...atleast thats enough for me.

Finally i would say DREAMS or WISHES .....we have the right to dream and wish and we also have to work hard and hard and to be sincerely devoted to our dreams and never give up as we all can make atleast some of them come true and be happy with that.

thats our role and if other dreams and wishes did not come true its not because we are failures no i dont think so its because we cannot have everything in this world and we cannot have perfection and completeness no body ever had that no matter how rich, famous or successful or even lucky he is still not having all his dreams come true yet. i beleive in that.

Dont loose hope and give up your dreams thats what i keep telling myself i meet obstacles but its like challenges you have to face and eliminate them from your way and remember many people had few big dreams and made them true ...who knows maybe you will be the next...dont u doubt your capabalities or yourself. strength up yourself with faith and will power.

lets dream and wish , work hard and be happy with what we have and what we achieved and not to be greedy and wish to have the whole world in your hand i think it would be enough to have the whole world in your heart(i mean to have a big heart and a loving heart)

I wish and pray all my dreams to come true and all of your dreams too .....Just Dont Loose Hope


Zubli Zainordin said...

Dreams and Wishes. There is a missing word in the English language. "What do you.....". In the blank I have listed the following shades of *.....* 1) ambition, 2) wish, 3) dream, 4) want, 5) need, 6) requirement, 7) desire, 8) passion, 9) magnificent obsession, and 10) more. The missing word is "hajat", and this word has been accepted at Ezine@rticles.com, here: http://ezinearticles.com/?Real-Magic---The-Wisdom-of-Defining-What-Intention-You-Choose-to-Manifest-as-a-Miracle-in-Your-Life&id=430785
Once this is straighten out, a definitive definition, then it is easy an individual to proceed with *what you hajat* in her or his life. Zubli Zainordin in Total Happiness organizes the Book Project Blog.

surjit said...

"you want and i want and GOD will do what he wants"...Very very truthful words..
But let us try with our utmost honesty to achieve our wishes...
My best wishes.

darlene said...


ewrgerg said...

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jenin said...

AMAZING STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant sum this article up any more than them 2 words!
very very very inspiring :) xxxxxx

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