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Jun 7, 2007

BLOGGING (part 1)

I started blogging about four months ago, to be honest i started blogging just for making money online that was the main purpose to me, but then when i found myself into blogging spirit my concept about blogging was totally changed ,it made huge difference to me as a person and blogger .

when i felt what im writing is read by many readers that was so nice and those loyal readers comments on my posts and admirehati publish that was motiavting too, i decided to blog just for blogging and try to inspire and entertain those great people that visit my blogs.

Then i can seek for money making online without relating it as the main reason for blogging , i should seperate both concepts as i tell myself (you blog because you love blogging,then i want to make money that is another object i have to work hard in many ways to make money,blogging could be one of those ways )The happinees my blogs gave me lately is so amazing and impressive.

I will discuss more about what blogs really gave me later in another posts.

And the bloggers i have known them and admired their blogs alot i will introduce them one by one , as they were very inspiring and also some of them really were cooperating and helpful with me they made me happy with my blogs.i will be so proud to introduce them soon

( i would like to thank all who have joined my communities at My BlogLog and i appreciate their revisits and comments)

i want to illustrate some words about my blogs and how i started them

my first blog was:


i used to do handmade work on scarves, veils and women accessories ( but i dont work anymore wanted to be a blogger) as i used to sell those handmade work and i made good profits for almost three years but i felt i gave that work all my efforts and ideas and that was the right time to quit that work.then i started to feel lost what topics to write about i still want to make money online...so i thought to write about fashion,makeup,homemade recipes,facial mask and beauty care those things most women are interested of. afterwards i added new topics about photos and E-Mails i receive from my friends everyday and that how that blog led itself to be about.but im not a pro-blogger but still my biggest mistake is i didnt read more about blogging ( but lately i started to read more about blogging tips)

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