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Jun 7, 2007

BLOGGING (part two)

Im continuing to write about Blogging and my blogs
my second blog was:
Nice & Easy Recipes
it contains easy recipes i like to cook from egyptian,italian and indian cuisines and many other places from the world, all that matters they are the dishes i like and search for on the internet, so i felt i want to write about those recipes so anyone can enjoy those dishes as i do

my third blog was :
i was so much interested to learn about FOREX currency trading.
and that blog is about how i learned about forex -introduction-forex trading systems-investing with forex-forex articles-freedomrocks.
the reason i started that blog is to introduce freedomrocks system (buy/sell signals) its very easy system everyone can use it even if he is not a forex trader and even if he doesnt know much about Forex

my fourth blog was :
Feel Happy
every blog listed above had a reason why i started it , that blog is very close to my heart it satisfies me alot ,because i started that blog to make my self happy and let the others be happy as much as i can , i started to read more and surf more about happiness and self improvement , positive thinking im not an expert im a person seeks a better life and want to learn more and share those things i think of or beleive in with you.
i have many thoughts occurs my mind everyday about humans feelings and how to challenge myself to be a better person and obercome negative thinking or hard times. by changing some of my habbits in order to improve myself.
my fifth and last blog was:
People Saying
whenever i feel down , need some good words that can help me and affects my thoughts and behavior or about to acheive one of my goals in life or in any situation needs motivation , wisdom or empowerment i love to read other's inspiring phrases or quotes as it helps me more to feel peace and inspires me too.so i decided to start that blog to give my readers some quotes and wisdom from what succesful people in the world have said to encourage them or inspire them to achieve better in their lives ,because i beleive what people say really affects us in many ways like better attitudes and more wisdom especially if we seek for wisdom in life.

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