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Jul 18, 2007


I want to thank all of my few friends i met on MyBloLog , and their comments and messages helped me alot to take a final decision about my blogs....now i removed my other three blogs but i didnt delete them ...coz may be later i can manege them when i get more familiar with blogging and read more about blogging .

so finally i wil post regularly on here about everything im interested in i will be mixing my 3 blogs ideas on here i will post about anything makes my readers smile and get happy ...so at the moment im thinking of many things ...OMG im so much releifed now i have one blog to manage ...by the way that FOREX blog i have im just showing the systems i know and i will manage it later when i feel i have more time ...but now FEEL HAPPY blog is all im focused on.

i will be posting about some topics i like so much such as

*Self Improvement
*Positive Thinking
*Funny pictures and posts ( that i hope to add smile on my lovely readers face)
*Nice recipes
*My own words and thoughts
*Learning ( i mean learn more about life and knowledge)
*Tips (useful tips about anything)

My goal now is to build a strong and good community on here ...i wish to have many loyal readers that i can bring something useful and happy through this blog for them.

I feel im so much motivated now for nice topics and make all of u happy
HAPPY blogging


darlene said...

great idea, one is way better to manage!!....i will follow, keep up the great work!!

lilifxt said...

thx darlene fo your comment ...i will follow your nice blog too

J@n!ce said...

Lili, nice to know that you will have more time & focused on this HAPPY blog. Keep on going, I will continue to cheer for you... :)

surjit said...

A right step Lili.You will be more focused now.
I have marked your blog as my technorati favourites.
My best wishes.

lilifxt said...

thx surjit my aim is to please my readers.

Sam Chan said...

Yeah... that's the way to go. Be focus! Keep it up, Lili.

Best Wishes

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