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Jul 17, 2007

Inspiring Video

when i watched that movie i really felt so much motivated and inspired by those great successful people that made history , im very sure their words affects us as they experienced many things in life and achieved their goals.

so im sure we will learn from their few words big lessons, i think all of us need to watch that video it is really motivating and inspiring concerning all important aspects in ur life

click here to watch INSPIRING VIDEO

*Ellie Drake :is CEO of BraveHeart Productions. She is a Keynote Speaker, Coach, Doctor, and Successful Entrepreneur. She realized her love for speaking at a very young age.
Speaking comes from the core of her soul, and she inspires the audiences as she talks about the "American Dream" and her journey to America. Ellie came to America 14 years ago, and loves to talk about this great land of Liberty and Free Enterprise.

Ellie doesn’t just speak, she lives what she speaks about. Because of her previous involvement in the industry of direct sales and as a result of being the top income earner in her company, she’s able to share through experience what works, what doesn’t, and why.so i think her words are so impressive ......dont u think so?

1 comment:

Franco said...

Yes..truly inspirational. The messages are profound. I've share it with 5 others. Thanks for sharing it with me.


Franco :-)

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