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Jul 14, 2007

Happy & Sad

One of the things that i think of lately is life has its ups and downs , we go through different feelings every time, some days we have good moments and somedays bad moments sometimes we are depressed, sad, bored, unhappy,lonely ....many negative feelings and some other times we feel happy, cheerful, optimistic, in love, secured .....many positive feelings.

I beleive thats the beauty of living , yes it is...if u think for a moment your life is always perfect and full of happiness and good times like you have this forever....beleive me you will be unhappy with that because it never changes you are always happy , you will eventually get used for that perfect and happy life everyday is happiness ...you will loose the meaning and feeling of happiness you will get bored.

To make my point more clear i will give an example if everyday is a holiday or christmas for a whole year you will be excited about that for the first month or even couple of months but then you will be living everyday as a holiday forever thats boring we get happy when we have holidays after a hard work at job or home so when we know holidays are approaching we get very excited for setting plans for spending very good and relaxing times on holidays ,thats why we get happy for holidays coz we suffered the whole year with hard working so now we know the beauty of holidays.
Back to my point that beauty of life we understand good times coz we live hard times one day happy other day sad we appreciate the feeling of happiness coz we have been true sadness really thats good part of feeling happy.
When i go through hard times i keep telling my self"dont worry tomorrow or day after tomorrow or next months you will be having good time of your live the problems have to be solved somehow ...then you will be happy again" thats how human lives are about good times followed by bad times followed by good times again thats cyle of life.

Iknow that happy moments are very few according to bad momnets but hey the happy moments are rare like GOLD very expensive compared to other metals coz they are rare, thats the beauty of GOLD.

so whenver we face face hard times we should be patient and satisfied and know its a life cycle we wont live forever in sadness.... happy days has to come thast how we should cheer ourselves up with. BE OPTIMISTIC
when you face good times take all the advantage of it by being very happy and enjoy your good moments without worrying about problems or tomorrow what will happen, just have fun and be happy its your precious time dont waste it with your future fears and worrying too much.
wishing you all the happiness


darlene said...

wonderfully said!!

lilifxt said...

hi darlene thx alot ...appreciated

J@n!ce said...

Lili, I am just HAPPY to read your post. Even if you don't post this. I am still HAPPY. This is bcos I have you as one of my BEST buddy.
Reading your mails & seeing your avatar pic on my blog will always bring joy to me. Thanks for being my friend :)
I wish you HAPPINESS in whatever you DO .....

Victorya said...

So true! Life is about the whole rollercoaster effect and recognizing the varying dips and turns and times when everything is turned upside down but just scream when you need to, laugh as often as possible, and remember things will always get better.


jess8t8 said...

Happiness can't exist without sadness indeed. Duality of our nature.

水煎包amber said...


lin said...


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