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Aug 7, 2007

Empower your Will Power

Its always good to read about random topics that can add to our information and we learn more about, the internet for me is the most convenient place that u can look for whatever u want its like a library .

as i always surf and find interesting Tips , Articles, Stories and information about topics that can encourage us to be more better persons by improving our inner beauty (as i call it)

that is the aim of my blog to be a better person by reading more about life and ways of self improvement ...its like a journey full of adventures ...learning, reading , sharing and blogging .

i think that is kinda a way to be happy person by improving urself and share what u read and learn....Will Power one of the topics maybe everyone everyday is thinking about it in most of daily aspects, i read this nice article id love to share it.

Tips On Empowering Your Will Power
by Jet Lag

The key to most successes in life is will power. Whether you are planning to embark on an extensive weight-loss program or you're simply trying to kick-off your smoking habit, you need to have will power. High powered executives and entrepreneurs are where they are now because of their will to reach the top and to stay there for the longest possible time that they can.

Essentially, will power is your ability to put into action a carefully planned vision. It taps your emotions and your minds infinite power to accomplish the goals you have set, be it dieting, quitting smoking, bagging a promotion, winning the next election, changing the world, writing a hit song, landing your dream acting role, etc. In most cases, it is the most important thing you would ever need because it highly predicts your plans success or failure.

Three steps are usually included in the application of your will power: (1) Goal-setting; (2) Planning a course of action; and (3) Execution. Most people fail to reach their goals because they fall short in number 3. What you should do is to devote a hefty amount of time with numbers 1 and 2 to make sure that your execution goes smoothly and that your will to achieve your goals will be followed through by specific actions. You would need to gather up all of your energy to make a huge thrust forward from number 2 to number 3 in order to prevail.

Will power can bring forth great things. Keep in mind, however, that will power can only push you up to a certain extent. Like gasoline in a fast running car, it will eventually get depleted. If you push too hard, you might end up falling off your track. For example, you might end up feeling too deprived from your diet that on your third week, you would already be having chocolate ice cream. You could have been too focused on getting that promotion that you have already neglected your relationship with your co-workers and worse, with your family. As with all things, you need to have control.

Aside from putting your mind into your set objectives, you need to make sure that your environment is conducive to achieving those. Clean your fridge before starting with that new diet plan. Organize your contacts and hire a more aggressive agent so you can land that dream role. It is all part of planning ahead and a way to conserve your will power. More importantly, it prevents you from losing momentum in what you've already done to get to your goals.

Will power is so important, but it is hard to maintain. It is your defense against temptations that would distract you from achieving your goal. It allows you to resist a fun late night-out with your friends to be in time for dinner with your family. It is what you have against smoking that one single stick that would have otherwise brought you back to where you started. Your will gives you the power to transcend difficulties, making them seem easy and worth going through, just to reach your goals. It is probably the most important thing followed only by the actual steps you take.

Looking at a larger perspective and placing it in the context of your entire life, your will power enables you to do as the classic lines from Invictus go. It allows you to be the master of your fate and to be captain of you soul. Surely, you'd want that.


J@n!ce said...

Thanks for such a meaningful post. You have a strong will power I can see !! Being so tired running around on a busy weekend & still managed to get a good post up for us. You are the best, love ya :)

lilifxt said...

thx janice ...i was so tired but one of the things were in my mind lately was that topic "will power" maybe it inspires me in many different things such as blogging to be a better peron or woman thx dear for the comment

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