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Aug 8, 2007

Second Blogging Award

My dear Friend Janice have awarded me as a Thoughtful Blogger this is my second award by Janice she is such a dear friend Lovely Mother , Friend and Young Lady im so happy for that award coz it shows the real meaning of Blogging is to meet new and honest friends .

im so happy Janice i met u and your adorable kids that i love them very much , i wanna tell u i appreciate everytime u remeber me or visit my blog leaving comments and shouts at my cbox , it is very clear to me how adorable and great woman you are by caring alot to your friends even if they are so much away from u ...for me that what i got out of blogging fun and cool friends

"that award i got it from janice few days ago but i didnt log on so sorry jan for not noticing."

i would love to award some other friends and cool bloggers too

1)Zublizainordin: one of the best bloggers ... total happiness ...if u want to learn more about you will be finding happiness there...he also give people happiness.

2)Gurushabad: his a very thoughtful blogger too he knows exactly what he is seeking for and gives many meaningful posts that i learn from everyday . he is a knowledge seeker ohis blog is one of my favorites full of wisdom.

3)Sam Chan: this another blog so inspiring and u can larn more about life there i love that blog too its where u can acquire wisdom and especially i love the quotes that was so common between me and sam chan.

4)Darlene: she is a sweet frined very simple and nice blog, she blogs about her daily life and whenever i read her posts i feel i get to know her more a woman of nice feelings and passionate.

5)AC Associates: one of the new blogs i met this month actually i loved it from the very first sight coz i felt the posts and what was written full of passion , honesty and i liked her style.

Congratulations to all ! You can find the complete details and meanings of the awards here.


J@n!ce said...

Lili, you truly deserved this award bcos you are just so thoughtful to me in every way :)

Thanks for writing such a sweet note on me. I am blown away....!!

Congrates to the recipient receiving it from Lili :)

darlene said...

wow, now i just notice i have 2 from you!!....oh my gosh!!....such kinda words!...thanks so much your such a dear!!...i must blog about it today!!!...

surjit said...

Lili,I am grateful to you for your nice and kind words about me.Your meaningful particpation has always been a source of inspiration for me.Thanks for all this.
My best wishes.

lilifxt said...

janice u are one of the best friends on here im so thankful to u dear....u deserve all the best...:)

lilifxt said...

darlene u are very welcome my friend

lilifxt said...

hi surjit im so happy to give u that award i was going to award with the secomd one i got ...but u already had it on your blog ....keep the good work up my friend good luck

Sam Chan said...

Thank you for the double joy! :-)

I felt like those Hongkong Singers going up stage and collect the award! I really appreciate it a lot. Thank you Lili!

Best Wishes to you.

AC Associates said...

Hi, I just realized you have presented me with not one, but two awards.Oh my...how sweet of you! Thank you so much for not only the awards, but the nice comment you left for me.
Looking forward to a growing friendship.

Jean Chia said...

Congrats, lili! :))

Zubli Zainordin said...

Wow! This is awesome. I shall always cherish this award. Alhamdulillah hi rob bil alamin. Thanks a million, LFXT.

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