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Oct 23, 2007

Be Strong My Friend

i was away on vacation when i got back i found out about the loss of janice's Brother my best blogger buddy Janice i felt sorry and im really sad i know how she is going through is hard but i want you my friend to be strong

i would love to tell her that your brother was brave and strong to handle this pain and illness

and my prayers to him he is free now free of his pain he is in a GOD's hands which is the most safe and happy place for him

i know its hard but my heart with you janice my love too and my prayers to your brother he is not in pain anymore that could make u feel good for his own sake

Be Strong My Friend ....GOD BLESS


WaterLearner said...

Hi Lili!!

Jan needs our support a lot at a time like this.

It is indeed sad. Her brother was still so young.

lilifxt said...

yes karen u are right i pray that sad time ends soon i know it will take some time

my heart with her

WaterLearner said...

I think she will be back tomorrow. Have you seen her latest post? She is getting weak from the physical and emotional lethargy.

lilifxt said...

hi karen i hope she is getting better its very sad to see janice is not well really that makes me very sad im used to see janice funny full of life and always remeber her and her kids smiles i hope she passes this time and to be back in good health

J@n!ce said...

Thanks Lili & Karen.

I'm back. I'm glad that my brother is totally healed & ended his suffering. He is happy now in heaven. Check my latest post :)

Janice Ng

lin said...


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