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Oct 23, 2007


Hi everyone im back i missed all the good friends and their Blogs too it always cheering me up reading your blogs ...im back it was a good vacation i had so much fun me and the kids and the family , the weather was incredible.

i got back home i was feeling so lazy coz i relaxed for many days ...:) (sometimes long vacation makes u get used to be pampered and relaxed more)
i was thinking of myself lately especially while im relaxing at this vacation i will post about my inner dialogue at this time

YOU why do u forget YOU , Do u have some time for... YOU

u always try to complete your duties for kids, family demands and to GOD, and all the daily routine activities and forget ....YOU

u always think of your goals and how to acieve them and set schedule for your daily activites for the house and the kids and for get YOU

and after u are done like most people skipping TV channels is this good enough for YOU

that doesnt considered as YOU time .....where is YOU

get new schedule or set new plans to YOU to connect more to the world by your soul and spirit

Bond with friends from everyspot on earth ....learn new things everyday u never heard of

seek more wisdom.....inspiration....knowledge.....positive thoughts...self improvement

Learn more things that can make YOU be a better YOU


surjit said...

Welcome back Lili.Thanks for sharing your sweet memories.
God Bless.

Sam Chan said...

Welcome back Lili.

Indeed, we can always improve ourselves! We just need to spend time and effort to find out what and how to improve. Perform our role effectively!

Thanks for this post.


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