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Oct 13, 2007

Happy Feast-Happy Eid El Fatr

yesterday was the last day of Ramadan no fasting anymore i enjoyed this Holy month although i was so exausted coz of the changes in my daily activities and family regular invitations for breakfast (first meal at sunset after breakfast) but the spirit of the month was so good.

i blame myself alot of not doing all the good religious things (i did some good activities ) but i mean all by reading more Quran and more about Islam and lot of prayers im so sad i couldnt have the time but im sure next year in Ramadan ill try to do better for GOD worshiping.

today the first day of Eid El Fatr Happy Eid and Happy Feast to all the Muslims around the world

Eid El-Fatr is one the two major feasts in the Islamic calender
In Classical Arabic and all Arab world it is known as Eid El-Fatr ,that the Feast of Breakfast , as Muslims Celebrate the end of Ramadan in it They return to their old days of eating ,the normal days It is a three days feast.

In Egypt it is Called the Small Feast as its number of days similar than the Adah Feast "Four days" , Adah is the second feast in the muslim Calender.

we also have Eid cookies its so tasty we eat it at breakfast and start visiting Family, relatives and friends and give all kids money we call it (Eidya) so they buy toys or whatever they like kids keep getting eidya from everyone (Lucky them) they get rich on the first day and broke on the third day....:)

after meeting families we go out for fun , or travel for few days my plan this year is to go to my mother and celebrate for one week yes i added three extra days from my side.....with my family the first day was spent with my in-laws we had so much fun and had lunch outdoors it was lovely my kids enjoyed alot and me & dad too .

i will be away from blogging sphere for 1o days resting and spending time with family we will plan for this short vacation when i go to mom tomorrow meanwhile i wont access the internet.

ill try to visit all my favorite blogs today i will miss them and as soon as i get back ill let my blogger friends know ill send u members message. and visit your blogs to let u know im back.

I wish all the world to be blessed by GOD and live in peace and wish them happiness


AC Associates said...

Hi Lili,It's nice that you observed the holiday and spent time with your family. It's a time of renewal and the bonds are reinforced. Someone I work with was explaining this holiday to me and told me about the fasting. That takes committment.

J@n!ce said...

I left a comment here I'm not sure if it is showing.

I hope you have a good holiday break.

Have fun & endless joy with your family. :)

Janice Ng

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

I hope you will have a great time with your family.
Happy holiday!

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