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Nov 26, 2007

New Look Of My House

Recently i have been so busy with some new things to do i was re-arranging the furniture in my house since six years nothing was really moved from its place it was kind of boring i was busy with my pregnancy and having my babies motherhood is a full time job.

so i decided in one day that i want to moove the furniture even though its huge and heavy but i got my helper to help me out and it was successfully done , my house looked different and wider and it was really much better compared with before ,my husband and the kids loved the new look of the house and were so much happy and excited.

that gave me more encouragement to focus on my house decorations ohh i was too bad neglected my house for a long time, one of the things that really can overcome being bored is to re-organize your stuff or re-arrange (ill post soon about fun things to do when you feel bored )

it was fun having new look of your house and add this nice touch of beauty with some new things such as new flowers or new table cloth new household stuff it was really cheering.

if i get bored with some of old decoration peices or table lamps i dont throw them away i just store them properly and use the other new ones so in future if get bored again i can change and feel like i miss them .

i waited for my friends and family to visit ...they were really impressed and said that is a way much better than before i was so happy to hear that now everyday when i wake up and have my morning tea i enjoy it while im looking to the new changes and feel like im having a good morning.

thats why i was little bit away from Blogging sphere lately but now i feel refreshed after i was exausted doing all changes and also arranging wardrobes with winter clothes and washing summer clothes storing them but still i have more things to do with my drawers i have many drawers in each room they are all in big mess but im taking a rest for couple of weeks and then start or i may do only one drawer evrey day.

its fun to have new look for your house but i never forget about my new inner look everyday trying to be a better MOM-DAUGHTER-WIFE-SISTER-WOMAN-FRIEND and HUMAN BEING
so i also think everyday of cahnging my thoughts manners and spirit to the best i could ,in order to be good and happy


surjit said...

Hi Lili,
My best wishes to you on your 'new look home'.Improvements are always better and essential for our growth.
You are a great person being aware of your duties to your family and friends.

I am glad that you have liked my post.You are welcome to post it on your blog.
Thanks for your words of appreciation and sharing your noble thoughts.
God bless.

J@n!ce said...

Hi dear, I'm so happy to read that you have got a helper in. Thanks a good news & you will be less stress taking care of the boys with somone to assist you. Its refreshing to have a new look at home. It will even bring more cheer to you now :)

Janice Ng

WaterLearner said...


Photos!! Reading makes me want to see it. Could you show me the pictures??..Please??

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

You are right! We mustn't forget to improve our inner self constantly so that we can be a better person!

We are indeed happy for you.. to have a new look at home.

Anyway, Karen is right! It will be great if you were to share some pictures of your house!

Blessings to you, Lili.
Let's Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion

lilifxt said...

hi there friends thx for your sweet comments i really wat to show pic but i dont have didital cam at the momnet but promise as soon i get one ill share the photos of my house so ill plan to improve it all the time and add new things coz i want u to see my house in ts best images

thanks fo your concern you are my best frineds on here

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