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Nov 29, 2007

You can Have Fun by yourself

For sure we all get so bored sometimes especially from hectic days and daily routines
i was searching and looking for how to have fun if your are bored
and how to fun by yourself u dont need to always depend on others or friends to make u feel better u can enjoy many things by yourself here are few examples

1.Have you caught up on everything you need to catch up on? The best thing about "me time" is you're not going to have any interruptions. So, catch up on that English paper, study for that history test next week and work on that science project. Use this time to your advantage.

2.Go outside and enjoy nature. You'll be surprise how fun and relaxing watching the clouds go by can be.

3.Pamper yourself. Since you're by yourself, now you can finally give yourself that manicure and pedicure.
4.Take lots of crazy-random pictures. Take the most random pictures of yourself; pictures of your feet, pictures of you acting silly and sticking your tongue out or the kitchen sink. This is a great way to just have fun!

5.Read a book! Find a nice comfy spot, with a cold glass of sweet tea and read, read, read! It doesn't even have to be a book, it can be the latest issue of a magazine.
6.Pop in a movie, make some popcorn and have a "movie night".
7.Experiment in the kitchen. Make a new fruit smoothie or funny shaped pancake! Let your inner chef be revealed!
8.Turn on some music and dance in front of the mirror. or Exercise.
9.Go in your closet and mix and match your clothes. You can have fun just playing dress-up.
10.Go on the Internet and re-do your Myspace page or website, play with your Neopets, play games, catch up on the latest celebrity gossip on-line .
11.Write in your notebook. Write a poem, draw a picture, write a letter to someone (or even yourself), make a list of things you want to do in your life or just write down a shopping list.
12.Reorganize your room!
13.Do you have a pet? Go walk your dog.
14.Make a scrap book.
15.Call someone you may haven't heard from in a while.
Thats what i do mostly to have fun by myself 5- 6-7-8-9-10-12
so if you have more suggestions to have Fun by yourself please share


WaterLearner said...

I like#5. Quiet moments by myself at a comfy spot with a good book or magazine. And a nice cup of hot camomille. Eases the mind. Soothes the soul.

J@n!ce said...

Same as karen... I like #5 too. esp on a raining day. Stay at home to enjoy a cup of warm drink while lazing at the couch reading a book or magazine. However, hardly have such peace now... I think u know why... LOL :)

Janice Ng

Family Paradise said...

I can only have fun with my blogging. It is such an addictive you know? I better get off now because I have to do some errands before it gets dark. Happy Sunday!

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

For me, I can have fun as long as I can find time to sit in front of my computer!

Anyway, although you can have fun by yourself, it can never beat having fun with our family and our love one.

Blessings to you, Lili
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