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Nov 10, 2007

Ras Malai Recipe

Ras Malai is a traditional indian dessert it is my favorite ....soo delicious ...i was looking for the recipe but for easy one bcoz the traditional recipe of ras malai one was not easy for me ....using powder milk is easier and fast and tasty too i tried it before.
i am sharing this recipe coz i enjoy it alot and hope if you try it and enjoy it as well, it is also good for kids .
why not to break our cooking routine by adding and trying new recipes from once in a while that is fun some recipes we would like and some we would not i love to try new recipes all the time .
when i feel bored i can cook new dish to experiment how it tastes like.
i love Pakistani and indian food -italian and chinese -egyptian and arabic food


1. Powder milk 1 cup
2.one egg Nos.
3.1 oil teaspoon.
4.Baking Powder 1/4 teaspoon
5.Milk 1 litre
6.Sugar 6 tablesppons
7.Pistachios chopped (unsalted) 2 tablesppon
8.Cardamom 1 pinch


1.Mix the powdered milk, egg, oil, baking powder.
2.Once the dough is done mold it into small balls and then flatten the balls slightly.
3.Boil the milk with sugar and cardmom powder.
4.As soon as the milk starts boiling add the boils in it.
5.The balls will tend to swell up , lower the the heat to simmer.
6.Cook the milk with the balls for another 8-10 minutes.
7.Remove from heat let it cool.
8.Put it in the fridge.
9.Just before serving add some pistachios and sprinkle some kewra water


surjit said...

Hi Lili,
This is my favorite dessert.But I don't think egg is used in it.
Thanks for sharing.
God bless.

lilifxt said...

hello surjit egg is not used in this instant recipe i have searched and learned that there is the most right and traditional way egg is not used which i never made before , but a friend has made it in this way using one egg and i searched and found egg was added in the other quick and easy way for ras malai

glad its your favorite

happy weekend
may be one day i will look for the traditional recipe and do it

J@n!ce said...

COol recipe, looks really healthy for the kids. I will try it out. Thanks for sharing :)

Janice Ng

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水煎包amber said...


lin said...


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