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Nov 7, 2007


Most of us or maybe all of us keep complaining that we are stressed at work , home or about financial matters , Family problems but that is normal to happen may be we have no self involvement in this kind of stress because it is very simple this is what happens in life we cannot stop it or control it. so we accept this kind of stress and try to deal with it.

i mean self involvement that we dont do actions or behave in some ways that leads us to be stressed, and i keep thinking that me or you should not bring stress to ourselves for example you might do some actions that you can lie about later and feel very shameful of hiding it so you expose yourself to be stressed you caused this stress you are involved to bring stress to yourself.

"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it." Hans Selye

actions like Gossip, cheating , telling lies and hiding what you do, all that makes you worring that someone could discover what you have done or said, hard speech or arguments also make you regret that you hurt somebody and you overreacted and live with stress of feeling guilty.

"Stress: we all have some stress in our lives, some of us have more, some of us have less stress. But if stress is allowed to overtake our lives then serious implications can result." Catherine Pulsifer

I do myself a greater injury in lying than I do him of whom I tell a lie. - Michel de Montaigne


J@n!ce said...

Lili, you are right, we should not let stress overtake our lifes. Always learn to relax & calm down :):)

Janice Ng

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surjit said...

Hi Lili,
I agree with you:
"It's not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it..'
Strees has actually become part of our lives but we should not allow it to overtake us..
Thanks for sharing another good post.
God bless.

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

Thanks for this great post!

According to Anthony Robbins - "Whether you are stressed or fulfilled has little to do with what you're actually doing, or even the results you are producing. If you're stressed, it's a result of where you are putting your focus."

Let's Acquire Wisdom and Live with Passion

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