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Mar 17, 2008

Make Dreams Come True

Everyone have Dreams in all life stages ...some had their Dreams come true and others had not
i myself have many Dreams i want to achieve at this stage of my life , so i started thinking what do i need to make my Dreams come true , i said ponts in my head

1.Set my goals/knowing my Dreams

wher i want to go? in my life what do i want to be in the coming years? what i want for my Beloved ones to have ? what i want my sons to be? what i want to have?

2.Set Plans for achieving my Dreams

it will be very simple to set plans after u know your goals or dreams , grab a piece of paper set all the work u want to do step by step
what u need to achiev your goal? what u need to learn more about how to achieve your goals?


i have to trust my self and trust my capabilites and skills or thoughts that im living and i can do in life alot , if i lack something i dont say i cant do im weak not good enough ....no ill go teach myself learn more trust my self more be more confident in my self
if i failed i wont loose confidence in my self Failure is a good master that makes us learn more

Confidence gives strength and faith i wont say im nobody or im little in this world i will say im big with my way of positve thinking as long as God gave me life i can do alot im somebody that takes a part in this world ...i will never loose hope or faith.


sometime i feel like im so much happy for achievements i made when i dont achieve more or failed i loose enthusiam ....and stop and like falling down .....

Being cheerful ,optimistic and happy is what enthusiasm is all about.
i wont give up my Dreams....time is running i need to catch what i want no matter what breaks or stops me.
Being enthusiastic is being in a state of excitement and being anxious to do what you had planned to do. An enthusiastic person is more close to success and happiness.

Without enthusiasm things are not well performed. There is no passion or excitement.


Insit on what you want to achieve ...hold your Dreams in your arms never let them go ...focus and focus on your plans and tasks ....i wnat to use my will power and be strongr everyday
keep on going your way....dont give up ...i want this Dream and i will make it come true.
what difficulies i will face ...take it as a challenge ...i will win

4.Love and live yor dream

Love what you are doing and what u want to be .......love your dream as if its your child......live moments in your dreams...see and feel what you wanna have ....it worth working hard to make all your dreams come tru

even if we didnt achieve all our dreams ....be happy for what we already achieved ....dont go for past faliures......go for future success cahneg your dreams and your plans look for new life and new dreams as long as your living ....dont give up hope or faith....a time will come u will feel you are on the top of the world

May all your dreams come true.........mine too..:)

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