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Apr 16, 2008


i know i have been very bad Blogger Lately ....the reason that took me away from Blogging that i wanted to experience new things and learn new things ....

we all get bored from daily routines... we always look for Happiness, Fun, Amusement , interest, ...etc. by doing somethings we love or we need to be done in order to complete our self satisfaction

i was busy lately try to learn about many new subjects that i felt im so much interested in while reading and learning about it , i need to change my daily routines and find new ways to break that routine and this is the way to go everytime when i get less interested with what im doing i start new things to be more interested with.

Its not i got bored from Blogging ....i love Blogging and Blogger friends and tehir blogs alot but its something makes me feel i want to do many other things needs my full attention.
i think most of the bloggers know what i mean about having a break .

so i was thinking to give my Blogging Life two days weekly one day for Blogging and the second day for Reading and reviewing good Blogs and join new communities

Another reason made me away is my son Ahmad is 5 1/2 now he needs lots of things to learn i wont depend on school only i also have to teach him alot about different topics,subjects and knowledge and give my kids TIME TO LEARN & PLAY WITH MOM

it is very important that parents provide this time to their kids not depending only on schools and their kids' friends

i started three weeks ago to sit with him infront of the computer make him choose one topic about any thing he likes animals, countries, even movie characters like ninja turtles ,spiderman....etc.

and we both start searching together i open many sites...i read for him he loves images alot i speak about images ...and i stumbled on lovely free encyclopedia for kids very nice one i also learn

we had surfed together about frogs-lions-dinasours untill now every week we choose one topic or whatever he likes to know about.



haze said...

Yupp, you are absolutely right. I also feel bored at times and wanted to do more fun things rather sit along all day in fron of my PC.

Blogging world is great and its always their.

Glad that you are trying to break away a little bit.

That should be good for you and for all of us.

Have a great afternoon :)

You take care!

J@n!ce said...

Hi dear, nice to know that you are busy with your kids. I'm also cutting down on my blogging to spend more time teaching my boys. Have fun & take care :)

J@n!ce said...

Hi dear, hope you are all fine?

Got you something. Come over & see. http://janiceng.blogspot.com/2008/05/happy-mothers-day.html

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi lili! hope you're enjoying & getting used to yr routine now. :)

I got something for u at my blog! Come

emily said...


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WaterLearner said...

Hey Lili!

How are you doing?

Have not seen you for quite a while.

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