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Oct 5, 2008

Long Way...to Success

i was so much lately occupied with many things going on lately ....seeing the world around me and whats is going on puts alot of stress in me

but still inspite of all Hard Times and bad Circumstances especially the U.S Economy Crisis that affected the whole world and still more to come

i was a way from Blogging coz i was not organizing my times and i was so chaotic

so i started thinking make small plans to my daily routine and especially summer vacations ended and new school season started

Ramadan the Holy month also ended the small Feast as well , so now i need to sleep early and wake up early and change all daily routine

i know its long way to achieve my targets and dreams even i failed many times but i will never ever give up my dreams ...i insist on achieving my goals i will fix all teh wrongs and improve my plans and strategies i will read more ....Learning everyday enhances more facts and realities that was not very obvious before.

ill gather all the strength in the world and put it in me to be strong all my way long ..... Hope its the friend i need along.....long way to SUCCESS .....im sure one day ill be there reach SUCCESS and for GOD i will pray.......i can swim , run and fly as long as im strong ill reach the sky and live my moments ....im alive then i can DO....

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