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Oct 29, 2010

How can you Love Your Life and Find Your Purpose in Life?

There are many books and websites that you can look for and read great advices about how to be happy in life and how to deal with different situations, great happiness tips but still it is very easy to read but hard to apply .

It is different with everyone to apply the happiness tips according to age and personalities and  kinds of  dilemmas that can be faced, most of people give up through hard times and forget what they read and learned about happiness and positive thinking.

What are you going to do then will you move forward and act smart even when life is giving you no reason to do that? What will make you beat the hard time and conquer the hurdles that you are faced with?

First you have to remeber you are alive then you love your life
Second why are you alive? What is your life's pupose ?
Third Bad times go Good times come
What is the Life's Purpose?

You are here for a reason. It does not matter where you come from, what do you look like or what kinds ofproblems you are faced with. Different people may have different believes. Each one has graces that differ from others evryone have something special. that you live with it  and deal with others with what you are.
You have to find the reason why you are here in the first place. You have to know your purpose to know where life is leading you or where you want to be led.

Here are some suggestions that you can take in order to start your quest into finding your purpose in Life
1. Acceptance
You have to accept who you are and what you are, what can you do and love yourself despite your imperfections. when you have learned to do this, you will understand things better and act better. You will  look at things from a different perspective. You will be able to see things more clear by knowing your strengths and limitations.

2. Gratitude
Look at things around you, look at what you have and the things that you don't have Look at other people and how they live their lives. You must learn to appreciate the things that makes you similar and sets you apart from the rest. You must learn to give credit where it is due and place importance on the vital aspects that constitutes who you are and what can you do.

3. Perseverance
Life is a continuous journey. Sometimes the roads may seem to hard to take. But that should not stop you from going through them and attaining your goal. You must find a the force that will drive you to keep moving and keep going on despite the situation and difficulty of the life journey. Just think about what you will gain in the process. And you must also feel good in knowing that after the dark or hard days, some light and brightness will come in to make the ride easier for you to make.

4. Set a goal.
What do you want to achieve in life? what will make fell happy in life? Whtat will make my family or beloved ones happy in Life?
What is the ultimate goal that you want to attain as you get older? These are some questions that can take years before you can settle for an answer. But the answer, when you have already found it, will make you appreciate your hard work and will give meaning to everything that you do and work hard to attain. It will also give you more reasons in loving life, and you will keep yourself strong during hard time beacuse you have a goal to achieve and nothing  will ever stop you



Lita C. Malicdem said...

Happiness is relative. One can be happy despite all his sufferings, another who seems to have everything can still wonder on what to do in life to be really happy. Your tips are practical, but yes, it may be hard to apply if we don't stay focused with a purpose.

At my age, I'm still rediscovering the things I want in life, in order to be happy. Your tips are a handy guide. Thank you for sharing.

LivingBetterDaily said...

Would love to read some more posts from you!

Irene Cortez said...

Beautiful site. The content is very inspiring. Keep up!!! :-)

Happy New Year!!! :-)

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