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Oct 26, 2010

What to Think About Before You Sleep

Before you sleep...........Think of happy Thoughts ....Dream Happy Dreams

think about love of GOD
think about the one you love
think about how lucky you are
think about everything you got in life
think about how sweet person you are
think about how special you are
think about the love of others to you
think about how healthy you are
think about the love you get and give
think about today was okay
and tomorrow will be a better day...............Happy Dreams

1 comment:

Kath(MFS) said...

Hi! Just passing through... checking to see which blogs are active and up-to-date for our gallery! I'm not sure ifYOURS is! I see no date. If it is - let me know..ok? Great blog anyways!I hope it is **smiles**!Take care!

Kath - MFS-The Resource Center
The Many Faces of Spaces - MFS-Blogger Gallery

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