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Jun 14, 2012

Learn How To Be A Happy Soul

by Taiana Camarado

When I was at school, everyone always called me Happy Soul. They said every time they saw me I was always smiling and seemed happy! If you are not feeling very happy, chances are you are spending your time thinking not so happy thoughts; or, you are simply not doing those things that make you feel happy, often enough. The theory is that whatever you focus on expands. That's a well-known principle of life that many people have discovered. If you don't like anything, and it doesn't make you happy, why would you want to have it in your life? You wouldn't, Id hope!

Now that you know this unique principle, can you stop focusing on stuff you don't want? A friend of mine told me a story. Hes retired now, but hen he was teaching classes on how the human mind works, he asked a group of people in a large class, to think of a number from 1 to 10. Then, think of carrot, and then select a color.

From listening to the audio of the class, I recognized that he was using a mind game to lead them in a certain direction. The majority of the people chose 7, carrot, orange! I knew what he was doing, and more than 90% of the group got all 3 correct, and voila had given them confirmation of their mind power. Sure, it was a game, but he was expanded their minds in just one minute to believe that they were powerful intuits.

He said, Ive just demonstrated how intuitive you can be without even trying. Next, he asked the students to recall their favorite moments with their family, when they were kids, and everyone was smiling. Then, he asked everyone to remember their first kiss and everyone had big grins. He continued with stimulating memories: the first time we made love, the most passionate time we made love, and then everyone was moving in their seats.

Last, he told us to remember our most frightening moments in life and we were shaking and crying" and he said: now that you are all scared let me tell you this: What you think about happens. Whatever you think with either happy feelings or fearful feelings can happen easily! Those emotions make them happen faster. Emotions, he said, are the key to making all of it happen.

Emotions are feelings, they are emotional energy, they are psychic energy and its vital to harness and control that energy for good reasons and goals, not to experience any fear or horror because that will screw up your life plan and life style.

Now, you too, can break through the barriers, remove all barriers in your life, have success, enjoy wellness, experience awesome levels of happiness, feel a motivational spirit within, develop more self motivation, motivate yourself and others, improve your health, be more healthy than ever before, feel inspiration day, inspire others, know the secrets of life, and reach your own potential.

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