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Aug 8, 2007

Third Blogging Award

Another award i got it yesterday from a a nice blogger who is known by everyone on my blog log is Zublizainordin thx alot for that award u really made me feel happy too my friend.

his message ..."soon your birthday. In honoring you as a superbly fine blogger, acknowledging your blogs and appreciating your sharing of vital and valuable information in your postings, please accept this award Zubli Zainordin"

im so lucky this week i got two awards thx to my friends , thx Zubli for your kind words that encourage me for more blogging ........You do have this gift and talent is the words and how to express and write your feelings and thoughts i always admired that talent GOD bless you ........ here where i found my award

i liked the badge too looks really nice

now i think i want to give some friends that award

i will start with my dear friend


2)Water Learner

3)Sam Chan


5)AC Associates

6)santa claus

i think my friends are now lucky as i am they got two awards too this weekend


J@n!ce said...

Lili : Thanks for the award. I am flattered. I din know that there is such an award. I "THANK YOU" so much for passing it to me :)

darlene said...

ah thanks for passing it on to me!!...yur da best!!
so glad you recieved it, you deserve it!!

Monday Morning Power said...

I am pleased to announce that I have added your site to my blogroll. With a name like "Feel Happy" it is a natural match.

Choose Happiness,

WaterLearner said...

Hi Lili!

Thanks for the award, I am deeply honoured.

Blessings & Thanks for your doses of Happiness!


lilifxt said...

u are welcome janice i always wanted to give u something as all the time u give me alot of nice things on here....:)

lilifxt said...

darlene i consider u my good friend i dont forget u....:)

lilifxt said...

monday morning power thx for that link exchange im so much happy to be there on your amazing blog....goodluck and happy blogging

lilifxt said...

karen finally got your name water learner was too long to type ...:) nice name u got i alwys admired that name , the honour is mine, im so happy to see your blog and u are a talented writer really good luck

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,
Congratulation to you!

Thank you so much for passing the award to me! That's indeed a great encouragement to me.

Blessings to you, my friend!

lilifxt said...

thx sam chan u desrve it your blog is so nice keep the good work up my friend and happy blogging

Santa Claus said...

Ho! Ho! Ho! Lili

I wish you nothing but happiness and success. Keep on being you.You are a wonderful person.


darlene said...

santa knows best see!!!...he is always watching!!....

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