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Feb 25, 2008

Go For Happiness

Are you waiting for Happiness ......Or you feel Happiness is coming to you.....why dont You go for Happiness ......Add some happy habbits in your day ....wake up in the morning look at yourself in the mirror and smile make your tea or coffee and think i want to have a good day .....im alive and healthy thank God for that and be happy......no matter what... dont loose hope .

One of the best ways to go after Happiness to boost our own happiness is to surround ourselves with people who are happy themselves.

Happiness is contagious...we need to shine happiness on people around us .....

Are you waiting for good things to happen for you? there are good things just happen and bad things just happen...( life is Roller coaster) but most things good or band is in our hands ..Attitude...Reactions....Positive thinking....never loose hope.

Waiting for happiness is not the right strategy coz Happiness is not somethuing to wait for....go for it by your HEART and you will find it around you ...its there but may be you dont feel it !!!!!

Happiness is something to chase for it and catch it ...it is what we catch when love....it is what we ctach when we decide to enjoy our day no matter what....it is what we catch when we stop worring ....

It is what we catch when we stop waiting for good things to happen and start doing good things and improve ourselves . Catch some happiness today.

P.S sorry my dear friends ive been bad blogger lately i was away from blogging sphere ...but im back it was a long Break ...we all need break to recharge ourselves now im back to be happy seeing your comments and reading your blogs


surjit said...

Thanks Lilifxt, for your welcome message.I heartily welcome you too.I am sure you had a great time during this break.

I fully agree with your views:
...'One of the best ways to go after Happiness to boost our own happiness is to surround ourselves with people who are happy themselves..'
God bless.

lilifxt said...

thanks surjit it was good time for resting and i believe that we all should go for happiness

wish u all the happiness

J@n!ce said...

So nice to see you over at mine. Glad that you are back after a long break.

Feeling all fresh & re-charged now?

So coincident that I'm watching this show abt Eygpt, I cannot help thinking of you & your mysterious country. It would be my dream come true to visit your land :)

Thanks for the comment & shout. I've got problem leaving messages over at your shout. I cant see the message box at all. It is block by the PPP advertisement below. I wonder what is wrong?

Trinity said...

Lili, Halloooo...thanks for your visit and comment on my blog... I've heard your name before from Karen, but only today I can find your blog because you found me first!

I agree with you that happiness if not something to wait for! Happiness is hiding right here in our heart! :-)

lilifxt said...

hi janice i wish u come and visit Egypt im sure u will like it i laos think of u and yur country i heard its beautiful i wish o come there too
i dounno whats wrong with thchat box ill check this or i will move it to another new place on the blog

good to see u here i missed the blogging sphere alot

lilifxt said...

hi trinity its nice to meet u i saw u at janice's nlog and also at karen's wish we be a blogger friends as thsi friendship is very pure

God Bless

Sam Chan said...

Hi Lili,

Great to hear from you again.
We learn to be happy and not born happy. It is a state of mind. Thus surrounding ourselves with happy people does helps.

Blessings to you Lili.

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